• contemporary seattle view home

    Viewpoint Residence - a new modern brick house with a view

  • modern surf shack

    Prow House - a new concrete & glass house on the Pacific Ocean

  • modern view home

    The Perch - a new modern house on a corner lot with a view

  • contemporary traditional design

    Past Present House - a contemporary remodel and addition to a historic home

  • modern remodel

    Wood Block Residence - a remodel to a mid-century modern home

  • mimimal modern design

    Cycle House - a new Seattle home for a bicycle enthusiast.

  • modern coastal bathroom

    Prow House - a bathroom with an ocean view

  • modern office design

    Writable Office - a high-tech office designed for collaboration

  • historic commercial adaptive reuse

    The Red Building - a restaurant adaptive re-use of an historic marine industrial building

  • modern interior design

    Wood Block Residence - a modern kitchen designed for entertaining

  • residential garage studio

    CD Garage Studio - a contemporay DADU used as an office