• modern urn

    Pezzettino refers to the title of a classic children’s book written by Leo Leoni. In the story, a small cube believes he is only a small piece of a larger multi-pieced being. In his quest to find out who he belongs to, he discovers that indeed he belongs only to himself and that he too is made up of smaller pieces.

  • from whole to dispersed

    Pezzettino is the embodiment of the idea that we, as a whole person, are comprised of several different aspects of self. Upon death, the vessel of the body is burned to ash, moving from a solid whole to particulate pieces.

  • modular complexity

    There are eight unique forms that create interlocking castings that fit together to form a whole. This whole is a cube - a platonic solid - that can only be complete with all pieces intact.

  • changing memorial sculpture

    When pieces are removed, the composition changes. It becomes a dynamic sculptural object representative of the state of our grief, the lessening pain of loss, and of our letting go.

  • memory is cast

    In our cremation urn, the cremains of Kazu, our canine companion for almost seven years, are cast directly into white gypsum cement, re-solidifying the ash to give new form and tactile expression to our memory.


A custom urn made to explore the concepts of loss and belonging