• high tech office

    The design of this office for a high tech firm provides space for collaboration and the creative process. Moses Building by Shed. Photography by Benjamin Benshneider.

  • test test

    There are six private office pods that form an entry hall and look out to the work area.

  • custom work desk

    A 48 foot long work table with an adjacent writable wall board accentuates the depth of the existing historic warehouse space.

  • modern office architecture

    Using a limited palette of plywood, writable laminate, asphalt plank flooring, aluminum, glass, and steel; spatial components are crafted for their purpose.

  • writable counter

    A 32 foot long work counter with a writable surface separates work and meeting spaces and provides space for informal gathering and collaboration.

  • seattle office design

    New crisp modern interventions contrast with the existing historic building context.

writable office

A new high tech office designed for collaboration