• thinking outside the box

    We were given a 16’x16”x16” unfinished plywood cube by the Clatsop College Art Department, and invited to manipulate it as a substratum for the creation of a work of art. Artist’s boxes were exhibited in the Royal Nebeker Art Gallery in a show called Thinking Outside the Box.

  • process

    We were first interested in manipulating the cube to expose the interior. The eight corners were turned inside out – reversing the sharp protrusions into interior hollows. Beeswax was poured into the chambers to contrast with the fabricated hardness of the structure, soften the corners, and provide a familiar sweetness.

  • inside outside

    We are fascinated with the contrast and connection between outside and inside. In our work, we often blur the boundary and connect the interior to the exterior visually and physically.

  • Hollows

    Hollows provide shelter and transform the cube from an object to a space and a place.

  • quadrant

    We are interested in the juxtaposition of the man-made architectural environment in the natural environment. We play with the contrast between a rugged textural exterior that repels weather and the soft and smooth interior that provides comfort to its inhabitants.

  • 1iso_06.jpg

inside out

An artwork completed to explore form and space