A list of the typical architectural design phases for a building project



• Assist owner to define goals, needs, and function of their Project

• Assist owner to develop expectations and a realistic construction budget

• Outline scope and Program (list of spaces) for Project

• Preliminary code summary

• Outline entitlement and permitting process

• Property evaluation and/or Feasibility Study for development potential

schematic design.jpg


• Prepare custom HOMEwork questionnaire for client & develop Program

• Document Existing Site and/or House conditions if remodel

• Prepare Existing Floor Plans, Elevations & Building Section as required for remodel

• Permit Research with local jurisdiction

• Prepare Schematic Site & Floor Plan(s) illustrating up to 3 different design concepts that vary in scope, complexity, and budget

• Additional 3D Drawings and/ or Physical Models illustrating design concepts

• Refinements are discussed until Owner approves design direction.

design development.jpg


• Refine Site and Floor Plans based on feedback from Schematic Design

• Draw Exterior Elevations

• Draw Building Section(s)

• Perspective Drawings and/or 3-D Physical Models illustrating design concepts

• Preliminary Materials and Product Selections

• Begin coordination with team consultants

• Prepare Preliminary cost estimate

construction documents.jpg


• Complete Design Development Drawings, Schedules, and Architectural Details as required for Permit

• Structural Engineering and other Consultant coordination as required

• Provide Permit Drawing Set and prepare and submit Building Permit Applications and submittals

• Electrical & Lighting Plan, Plumbing Plan, and Mechanical Plan with Specifications

• Interior Elevations and Reflected Ceiling Plans

• Outline Materials and Product Specifications

• Provide Pricing Set for Cost Estimating by Contractor(s)

construction administration.jpg


• Assist with Contractor Selection and facilitate Pricing or Bidding

• Architectural Details and Full Materials and Product Specifications

• Provide Construction Drawing Set and Specifications based on revisions and clarifications during Pricing

• Site visits & meetings throughout construction as needed

• Review Contractor’s billings, answer Contractor’s questions, prepare Field Details, Review Shop Drawings, and facilitate Change Orders as required

• Act as Owner’s agent during construction to facilitate a smooth, high quality, and timely project delivery