• modern café design

    Inspired by soda fountains, European cafes, and lunch counters, we strove to create a culture of enjoyment around a coffee bar. Photography by C Schel.

  • contemporary coffee bar

    The space is designed for quick service as well as social engagement with beverage preparation, service, and consumption focused on a continuous counter.

  • seattle coffee counter

    The counter is a continuous spatial element – a glowing red ribbon that acts as a beacon, forms an entry, organizes the space, and forms a counter around which all activity takes place.

  • glowing counter design

    The counter is made of cast acrylic resin that is internally illuminated. The smooth matte finish is seamless, durable and tactile.

  • modern store design

    Walnut and plastic laminate materials create a subdued background that allow the red counter and retail products to pop.

  • iconic design

    The illuminated counter beckons customers and provides a dynamic surface on which to enjoy their treat.


A re-imagining of the cafe experience