• Five Bridges, Stitch Competition

    This is our entry for "Stich," an AIA Portland Ideas Competition to lid I-405 and connect Downtown Portland Oregon to their Stadium District.This idea took first place.

  • Salmon Street Skate Park

    Instead of a continuous lid, the proposal is to program 5 existing bridges with a different activity. The Salmon Street Bridge gets a skate park.

  • Taylor Street Nanatoriaum

    The Taylor Street bridge has a public swimming pool suspended above it.

  • Yamhill Street Runing Track

    The Yamhill Street overpass has a running track that celebrates pedestrian circulation above the freeway.

  • Morrison Street Velodrome

    The bridge at Morrison Street serves as an armature that supports a velodrome which connects in with existing bike paths.

  • Alder / 14th Street Climbing Walls

    Climbing walls are proposed for this intersection over the freeway that reward the adventurous with unique views of the City.


The first prize submission to an AIA competition reclaiming urban space