netshed wetroom

An award-winning bathroom with a view

  • modern architecture in historic context

    This small bathroom and kitchen, built in an historic fishing netshed, is inspired by its context. Photography by Tom Barwick

  • modern preservation architect

    The new freestanding glowing cube illuminates the interior of this mostly unfinished warehouse space, built over the Columbia River.

  • sustainable wood architecture

    In this unique setting, a sensitive response was sought to interact with the existing building and its riparian environment for the most basic of human needs.

  • custom architectural details

    Materials are intentionally put together in a straight forward and utilitarian manner, much in keeping with the no-nonsense spirit of a fisherman’s work ethic.

  • metal flooring

    The aluminum plate and translucent fiberglass of the bathroom’s interior were chosen to respond to the aqueous environment by luminously reflecting light and patterns of the water from below.

  • riverlite

    A “riverlite” was cut in the floor of the bathroom to allow a framed view from the WC to the River directly below. At night, light attracts schools of fish.

  • cracks of light

    The walls are wrapped in Douglas Fir boards reclaimed from old docks once located on the property. The gapped treatment is inspired by the netshed’s “breathing skin” of board and batten siding which reveals light through cracks during summer months when the siding has dried out.


An award-winning bathroom with a view